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PL-Grid computers on the TOP500 list

In the June 2012 edition of the TOP500 list of the most powerful computers in the world, the Zeus cluster from ACC Cyfronet AGH Zeus took a high, 89 place, thereby maintaining the first place among the most powerful computers in Poland.

PL-Grid computers on the TOP500 list

2012.06.20 At present, Zeus operates in the following configuration:

  • 271,11 TFlops of theoretical computing power (actual power: 185,32 TFlops),
  • 31,6 TB of RAM,
  • memory storage capacity of 1,8 PB,
  • Scientific Linux (SL) operating system.

Zeus is a part of a nationwide computing infrastructure built in the framework of the PL-Grid project, like other computers in the project partner institutions, which are also included in the current edition of the TOP500 list: PSNC (position 233) and CI TASK (position 447). Purchase of these installations was financed by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Innovative Economy program.

PL-Grid infrastructure is currently being developed within the PLGrid Plus project.

The TOP 500 list - June 2012 edition ...

The Zeus cluster specifications (in Polish) ...

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