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Science domains

The users of the IT infrastructure the researchers, to work efficiently, need an environment that is tailored to their needs. This environment is created by the specialized services that can cover many aspects of the infrastructure. At the level of infrastructure organization and competing for its resources it is necessary to have representation of a given scientific area that will contribute to the promotion of these research projects, which bring the best hope for progress.

Domain Grids are computing infrastructures specialized to support use cases typical for a given scientific area through the domain services. Domain Grid combines the specific requirements of scientists representing a particular area, with access to advanced technical means. Domain Grids are designed to provide optimized access to the PLGrid Plus services in conjunction with the software and typical processing schemes used in the given scientific area.

Here are examples of domain services (services deployed in the PL-Grid Infrastructure, supporting research within the given scientific area):

  • integration of specialized equipment that is required in research,
  • integration of domain data, on which calculations are based,
  • access to specialized software,
  • user tools supporting common work scenarios.


With the creation of domain grids it will be possible to:

  • go beyond the natural base of users of computing resources and to create interdisciplinary teams that will be able to obtain better scientific results,
  • construct, implement and maintain the domain services,
  • introduce improvements in the functioning of the PL-Grid Infrastructure.


Preparation of specific computing environments, i.e. solutions, services and extended infrastructure (including software), tailored to the needs of different groups of scientists, is the most important task implemented within the PLGrid Plus project.

The domain-specific solutions are being created for 13 groups of users, representing the strategic areas and important topics for the Polish and international science: AstroGrid-PL, HEPGrid, Nanotechnologies, Acoustics, Life Science, Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Physics, Ecology, SynchroGrid, Energy Sector, Bioinformatics, Health Sciences, Materials, and Metallurgy.

Pilot introduction of these 13 domain grids opens the scope of use of the Project results by various research communities. However, the scope is not limited to the selected domains. Subsequently, by using the developed general services and experience in building the domain ones, the integration of new groups will proceed smoothly and at lower cost. Within the Project it is planned to launch support and adaptation services, as well as training for those other user groups.

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